UK man who invented James Bond-like flame throwing cycle arrested

A plumber who tinkers with motorcycles in his spare time was arrested recently for one of his innovations he added onto his cycle.
Stamford, U.K. - It could be said that Colin Furze is a man who is always looking for that next "first," and he might have found that with his latest device - a flame thrower for his scooter. It would be safe to say that Furze has a thing for fire, having set a world record in 2007 for having the world's largest bonfire. But as much as he loves fire, it is motorbikes that really turn Colin Furze's crank. 
The 30 year old loves bikes, whether motorized or not, and he loves to adapt his bikes to make them, well, a little more interesting. Because that's how Furze likes his motorcycles. The plumber and tinkerer was most recently known for having built the world's longest motorcycle. Furze found himself another spot in the record books after building the world's longest motorcycle, which can hit speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. He told press
"You can ride it like a normal motorbike but steering is a bit of a problem as it has just a small turning circle. I thought it would be a cool thing to do and I'm thrilled to be in the Book of Records."
He set that record in 2008. Before Christmas 2009, Furze fitted his scooter with a flame thrower capable of shooting flames for 15 feet, as seen in the video posted above. 
The inventor left the working device on his scooter, and he showed it off to the press earlier last week, ensuring he received police attention. Furze was arrested after police saw him driving his enhanced motorbike last week near Stamford, England only days after the press published his story. Initially arrested, he was released without charges on unconditional bail while police investigate.
Police had arrested Furze the grounds of possession of an object converted into a fire arm. Furze had demonstrated his improvised bike for the press just days prior to his arrest. Before Furze took up breaking records, he was a bit of a prankster, with friends taping his stunts for You Tube. 
One prank involved throwing a dummy off of store roofs, while another saw Furze and an unknown friend dressed up as an odd 'stupid' horse standing in strange places, such as an intersection on a roadway, or in a gas station shop. Most of Furze's stunts are benign. 
Furze has a You Tube channel with over 13,000 subscribers, although his newest video is two years old. Furze's friends and fans have been writing messages on Furze's channel following his arrest. The Telegraph said Furze is a James Bond fan, and said the man had been warned by police that he could not ride his scooter on the roads. 
A Wikipedia entry on Furze said he is a stuntman. Furze and his colleagues are working on bringing an extreme urban sports event to Stamford, England this summer. Stamford has existed as a town for 1,000 years. Known for being a market town, today Stamford is known for its architecture. Stamford has a population of 18,000 people.