KTM’s All-New Electric Bike Unveiled

It’s currently on display at the 2010 Tokyo Motorcycle Show – KTM’s all-new “Freeride”, the Austrian manufacturer’s first zero-emission motorcycle prototype. There are actually two “near-series prototypes” slated to be on display, an off-road version as well as what appears to be a supermoto version, likely aimed at being street-legal.

As for the official release of the Freeride, KTM says development is right on target, and plans to have them available in Europe as early as late spring of 2011. As far as whether or not the Freeride will make its way to the U.S... KTM says that has not yet been decided.
No MSRP has been announced, but the manufacturer plans to keep the price competitive with current enduro machines which they say is under 10,000 Euro. (At the current exchange rate, that roughly translates to $13,000.)
Read on to see what KTM has to say about its new release, which will no doubt stir a pot of controversy in the off-road market. Check out the specifications and get answers to some frequently asked questions on the Freeride.

Article from Cycle News