Show revs up to find biker babe

This just in so thought we should share it with you all...

The search has been launched to find the Biker Babe of North Wales The winner of the competition will be crowned at the popular Motorbike Show which is being held in Llangollen on August 1 and 2.
Last year’s show was the first and was hailed a roaring success by the thousands of bike fans who came from far and wide.

The organisers, Xuberance Events, are promising bigger and better things this year and the preparations are hotting up already – not least thanks to the Biker Babe competition. Xuberance boss David Green explained that biker babes or grid girls were a big feature of all the best biking events.

The search for the North Wales Biker Babe is being spearheaded by aspiring model Lauren Knowles, 19, from more

Thundersprint roars into Town

Binny from the team headed north recently for the Thundersprint. Here's her report on the fun and games that went on...

Another event I thought. Great fun but tiring, especially when I’m down south near Brighton and the event is virtually in Liverpool.

Anyway I head up to the M6 thinking about the event, and what I heard about it. I heard that the Thundersprint takes over Northwich town, all you see is motorbikes, there are lots of trade stands, and it’s a marvellous weekend.

I had also had a good look on the site before I left. This did shed light on the situation, and looked fantastic.

Saturday morning comes and I head into Northwich. On my way I see loads of bikes, so I start getting excited. Get into town and there are bikes everywhere, and everyone is being really bike friendly, safe and well organised.

After to speaking with some traders and bikers I hear all the action really happens tomorrow (Sunday,) and today is mainly the warm up, and not forgetting the classic bike show.
I had a good walk around all the trade stands amongst the bustles of people, shoppers and bikers. I have to say there has never been such a buzz around an event like this that I have seen.

I’m also feeling there is more excitement due to a certain gorgeous talented man walking around in arms reach named James Toseland. I have to say I went weak at the knees not only is he very talented on and off the track, he is a great musician, and I have to say a really genuine nice bloke!

So after being elbowed by not only young women to get to him, but by some older ladies too. I manage to have a bit of a chat to him.

His band “Crash” were playing at the Memorial Hall that evening. So after being lucky enough to watch the band rehearsing in the hall, I got to meet them before the gig. As well as having a great chat with Frank Melling (the man behind the Thundersprint, and on it) Jim Redman and Sammy Miller.
All lovely gentleman, and very talented on a motorbike.

I called it an early night and leave before the actually show as I had a long day on the Sunday, and had to drive back South.

Sunday: Up at 7, there by 8.30. Oh yes there were some tired, and hung over faces. I’m pleased to say I wasn’t one! Smug!

So where do I start Sunday pretty much went like this bikes, excitement, races, more excitement.
With the Thundersprint track opening for the participants to practice laps from 8.30, there is already excitement building.

Today there are more famous faces about too including Glen Richards, Steve Platter, Jimmi Harkishin, and from yesterday JT, Sammy Miller and Jim Redman.
After seeing everyone get lap times for the second time I went for a wander round.

There were hundreds more people already, and loads more stands and bikers around.
With the programme for the weekend clutched in my paw, I plan my day.
12.oo The Cavalcade. This is where all the bikes leave the Thundersprint event, and drive around the town, with the celebrities taking the lead. This is not a race, just a pleasant ride around in convoy.
Fingers crossed we will have the clip of this up soon. As it is a sight to be seen!

In the afternoon the Spitfires go over in an air display, followed by a lap of honour by JT, Jim and Sammy.

Then time for the Thundersprint race. This is where everyone id divided into their category lightweight, classic, master class, personality, golden age, pre war etc. I have to say it was great to see all the classic bikes to the new bikes, even the TTX01 electric bike which was fantastic!

I think everyone loved the personalities round as they all had a fool around on the track, and after a few of them doing some stunts and including burn outs and doughnuts

Over the weekend there were only 3 or 4 people who came off their bikes that I saw, which just goes to show how well organised the event was, and the safety factors to the show.

It simply was a great weekend, and a great show. I have to say a big well done to Frank Melling and his family who all work so hard all year round to put on such a great show.

It’s already in the diary for next year, certainly one I won’t be missing!

Welsh protest rides

We received this from one of UKBike members, Phil McFadden...

I'd be grateful if you would put up something on the site about a ride-out I'm helping set up against test centre closures -here in Wales learners have to make a two-hour trip to get to the nearest...