UK man who invented James Bond-like flame throwing cycle arrested

A plumber who tinkers with motorcycles in his spare time was arrested recently for one of his innovations he added onto his cycle.
Stamford, U.K. - It could be said that Colin Furze is a man who is always looking for that next "first," and he might have found that with his latest device - a flame thrower for his scooter. It would be safe to say that Furze has a thing for fire, having set a world record in 2007 for having the world's largest bonfire. But as much as he loves fire, it is motorbikes that really turn Colin Furze's crank. 
The 30 year old loves bikes, whether motorized or not, and he loves to adapt his bikes to make them, well, a little more interesting. Because that's how Furze likes his motorcycles. The plumber and tinkerer was most recently known for having built the world's longest motorcycle. Furze found himself another spot in the record books after building the world's longest motorcycle, which can hit speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. He told press
"You can ride it like a normal motorbike but steering is a bit of a problem as it has just a small turning circle. I thought it would be a cool thing to do and I'm thrilled to be in the Book of Records."
He set that record in 2008. Before Christmas 2009, Furze fitted his scooter with a flame thrower capable of shooting flames for 15 feet, as seen in the video posted above. 
The inventor left the working device on his scooter, and he showed it off to the press earlier last week, ensuring he received police attention. Furze was arrested after police saw him driving his enhanced motorbike last week near Stamford, England only days after the press published his story. Initially arrested, he was released without charges on unconditional bail while police investigate.
Police had arrested Furze the grounds of possession of an object converted into a fire arm. Furze had demonstrated his improvised bike for the press just days prior to his arrest. Before Furze took up breaking records, he was a bit of a prankster, with friends taping his stunts for You Tube. 
One prank involved throwing a dummy off of store roofs, while another saw Furze and an unknown friend dressed up as an odd 'stupid' horse standing in strange places, such as an intersection on a roadway, or in a gas station shop. Most of Furze's stunts are benign. 
Furze has a You Tube channel with over 13,000 subscribers, although his newest video is two years old. Furze's friends and fans have been writing messages on Furze's channel following his arrest. The Telegraph said Furze is a James Bond fan, and said the man had been warned by police that he could not ride his scooter on the roads. 
A Wikipedia entry on Furze said he is a stuntman. Furze and his colleagues are working on bringing an extreme urban sports event to Stamford, England this summer. Stamford has existed as a town for 1,000 years. Known for being a market town, today Stamford is known for its architecture. Stamford has a population of 18,000 people.

Some Motorbike Wold Records.

Longest Motorcycle
Colin Furze 
14.03 m (46 ft 3 in)
Stamford, United Kingdom
14 October 2008
The longest motorcycle is 14.03 m (46 ft 3 in) long and was created by Colin Furze (UK). It was presented and measured at Saltby Aerodrome, Leicestershire, UK, on 14 October 2008.

Tallest Rideable Motorcycle
Gregory Dunham
3.429 m (11 ft 3 in) tall
California, USA
Gregory Dunham (USA) has constructed a rideable motorcycle that is 3.429 m (11 ft 3 in) tall to the top of handlebars, 6.187 m (20 ft 4 in) long and weighs 2.948 tonnes (6,500 lb). It is powered by a 8.2 litre (502 cu in) V8 engine and has tyres that are 1.88 m (74 in) tall.

Clint Ewing
60.96 m (200 ft)
Universal City, Los Angeles, USA
27 January 2008
The longest motorcycle ride through a tunnel of fire was successfully completed by Clint Ewing (USA) and measured 60.96 m (200 ft) long at Universal City, Los Angeles, USA on 27 January 2008.
The record was attempted for the NBC TV Special "Guinness World Records Live - The Top 100".

Blindfold Motorcycle Speed Record
Billy Baxter
265.33 km/h (164.87 mph)
RAF Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, UK
August 2, 2003
Billy Baxter (UK) reached a speed of 265.33 km/h (164.87 mph) while riding a 1,200cc Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle unsighted at RAF Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, UK, on August 2, 2003.

Article from Guinness World Records

Awesome Underwater Motorbikes

Even though it was release in 1994 I have never seen one of these before! September, 1994 - former car worker Andrew Sneath unveils the world's first underwater motorbike.

Video from diagonal uk



Leon Haslam of the Airwaves Ducati British Super Bike Team races against a Tornado GR4 jet... 

Video from grainmedia 

2010 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R Preview

  • 1340cc - 1340cc, DOHC liquid-cooled engine with 16-valves, Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers provides 11% higher performance and smoother operation

  • Front ForksFront Forks - Fully adjustable inverted front fork featuring DLC coated inner tubes for minimal friction resistance and outstanding suspension performance over a variety of riding conditions

  • 4. 2010 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R
    2010 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R
  • Instrument cluster features four analog meters for speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and water temperature with a S-DMS mode indicator, gear position indicator and adjustable engine rpm indicator

  • LED taillight utilizes a double lens structure with a clear inner lens and a red outer lens for maximum visibility and a high quality finish

  • Radial-mount front brake calipers for maximum braking performance and allows for smaller 310mm front brake rotors resulting in reduced unsprung weight and improved handling

  • S-DMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector) allows the rider to choose from three different engine settings depending on riding conditions or rider preferences

  • Suzuki SDTV fuel injection system with dual injectors per cylinder and ram air intake with large volume airbox

  • Vertically stacked twin headlights provide increased light intensity, improved light distribution and match the elegant flow of the new Hayabusa styling

  • Engine Features

  • 1340cc, DOHC liquid-cooled engine with 16-valves, Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers provides 11% higher performance and smoother operation

  • High efficiency curved radiator now features dual electric fans controlled by the ECM for increased cooling capacity. Oil cooler now has 10 rows cores for increased heat dissipation

  • Ion plating treatment utilizing PVD (physical vapor deposit) method is applied to piston rings providing a smoother surface treatment for increased durability, reduced friction loss and reduced oil consumption

  • Large volume 4-2-1-2 exhaust system with a large capacity catalyzer, dual triangular canisters and closed loop system that meets Euro 3 and Tier 2 regulations

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy pistons feature a revised shape and a higher compression ratio of 12.5:1 for maximum performance in all conditions

  • Lightweight titanium intake and exhaust valves with narrow 14 degree valve angle for high combustion chamber efficiency

  • SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electro-chemical Material) plated cylinders minimize cylinder size and improve heat dissipation and new hydraulic cam chain tensioner for reduced mechanical noise

  • S-DMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector) allows the rider to choose from three different engine settings depending on riding conditions or rider preferences

  • Shot-peened chrome-moly steel connecting rods for maximum durability

  • Slick shifting 6 speed transmission working in conjunction with an innovative back torque limiting clutch for smooth and controlled downshifts

  • Suzuki SDTV fuel injection system with dual injectors per cylinder and ram air intake with large volume airbox

  • Ventilation holes at the cylinder skirt for reduced pumping losses and increased performance

  • Chassis Features
    5. 2010 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R
    2010 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R
  • Aggressive aerodynamic fairing design with low drag coefficient retains it’s signature Hayabusa look and features a muscular look to work with the amazingly powerful engine and cutting edge chassis

  • Bridged aluminum alloy swingarm features a cross-sectional shape for increased rigidity and to cope with improved rear tire grip and increased engine output

  • Fuel tank height is lowered to allow riders helmet to tuck in and windscreen height is increased for improved wind protection and optimum aerodynamic efficiency with the rider in place

  • Fully adjustable inverted front fork featuring DLC coated inner tubes for minimal friction resistance and outstanding suspension performance over a variety of riding conditions

  • Fully adjustable rear shock absorber with a 43mm piston and 14mm rod diameter Lightweight and rigid twin-spar aluminum frame minimizes weight while maintaining high torsional strength

  • Instrument cluster features four analog meters for speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and water temperature with a S-DMS mode indicator, gear position indicator and adjustable engine rpm indicator

  • LED taillight utilizes a double lens structure with a clear inner lens and a red outer lens for maximum visibility and a high quality finish

  • Lightweight single piston rear brake caliper working in conjunction with a new larger 260mm rear brake disc

  • Passenger seat and rear subframe are lowered for improved passenger comfort

  • Radial-mount front brake calipers for maximum braking performance and allows for smaller 310mm front brake rotors resulting in reduced unsprung weight and improved handling

  • Vertically stacked twin headlights provide increased light intensity, improved light distribution and match the elegant flow of the new Hayabusa styling

  • Wheels mounted with high performance Bridgestone BT-015 tires for unmatched handling and control.

  • Article from top speed

    Schwarzenegger rides again -- this time aboard an electric motorcycle

    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose affection for motorcycles played out at the box office in the Terminator movies and others, gave an electric motorcycle a whirl at a press conference yesterday.
    Schwarzenegger sat astride the a new Zero Motorcycles electric cycle during a demonstration in San Francisco. He was promoting after approval of a new statewide rebate program that gives consumers $1,500 off the purchase of an electric cycle. With the federal tax credit, consumes can reap savings of $2,500. Even with the rebates, though, the street-ready motorcycle is still pricey:
    They can cost upwards of $7,500.

    "Zero electric motorcycles are very important technology and this is great for California because this is an ideal place to ride motorcycles," said Governor Schwarzenegger. "I love the financial side of these motorcycles because they cost less then one cent per mile to operate and you get a 10% federal tax credit plus a California rebate of $1,500. That equates to a 25 percent price reduction making these electric motorcycles affordable for anybody."

    "We are honored to be here and to have received the support of Governor Schwarzenegger. We are a California company creating California jobs and are extremely proud the Governor's office recognized us for our efforts," said Gene Banman, CEO, Zero Motorcycles.

    Article from USA Today 

    KTM’s All-New Electric Bike Unveiled

    It’s currently on display at the 2010 Tokyo Motorcycle Show – KTM’s all-new “Freeride”, the Austrian manufacturer’s first zero-emission motorcycle prototype. There are actually two “near-series prototypes” slated to be on display, an off-road version as well as what appears to be a supermoto version, likely aimed at being street-legal.

    As for the official release of the Freeride, KTM says development is right on target, and plans to have them available in Europe as early as late spring of 2011. As far as whether or not the Freeride will make its way to the U.S... KTM says that has not yet been decided.
    No MSRP has been announced, but the manufacturer plans to keep the price competitive with current enduro machines which they say is under 10,000 Euro. (At the current exchange rate, that roughly translates to $13,000.)
    Read on to see what KTM has to say about its new release, which will no doubt stir a pot of controversy in the off-road market. Check out the specifications and get answers to some frequently asked questions on the Freeride.

    Article from Cycle News

    Motorcycle madness in Tom Cruises latest movie

    27 Do stars who happen to be motorcycle enthusiasts have any say in bringing their two-wheeled passion to the big screen?
    Case in point, controversial heartthrob, Tom Cruise is the latest leading man and biker appearing in the saddle and on the big screen in his latest movie, Knight and Day.

    The motorcycle scenes were filmed in Boston Massachusetts where Tom rode what appeared to be a classic Kawasaki Police bike. In Knight and Day, scheduled for release in June 25th, Cruise plays a super spy who turns lonely Cameron Diaz’s life upside down after a blind date, taking her on a violent journey to protect a powerful battery that holds the key to an infinite energy source.

    Wanting to share the publicity wealth, Cruise is also seen on a Ducati with Diaz sharing the saddle in the upcoming movie.

    Cruise is no stranger to the motorcycle passion in either is personal or professional life.
    An iconic scene in both is movie career and the 80's film genre featured Tom Cruise racing a Kawasaki Ninja 900 along a runway as a F-14 takes off. His other motorcycle movie appearances included Triumph's in Mission Impossible with the actor riding a simialr bike on the stage of Oprah's talk show to promote the movie.

    In his personal life, the actor has been seen in a variety of saddles.

    He is among the famous names that own a Confederate Motorcycle (a F131 Hellcat Combat model) and created a paparazzi stir when he arrived at the War of the Worlds premier in 2005 on a Honda Dune with wife Katie Holmes on the back.

    28Cruise caused a commotion when jumped to the top of the list for the first Ducati Desmosedici RR motorcycle, supposedly upsetting fellow celebrity biker Brad Pitt, with Denzel Washington and Michael Jordan being drawn into the never confirmed celebrity gossip. The 'Top Gun' actor even took his wife and Hollywood to the 2008 Red Bull US MotoGP World Championship in July of last year.

    Recently, celebrity gossip threatened to overshadow the pre-release publicity for Knight and Day with a rumored, and never confirmed motorcycle spill by Cruise in downtown Hollywood. Reportedly, two eyewitnesses saw the Mission Impossible star slide into an SUV while he was riding his Ducati down La Cienega Boulevard. A slightly injured Cruise limped to a nearby restaurant to call paramedics who arrived thirty minutes later.

    But according to Tom's publicist, Amanda Lundberg it never happened and the 47-year-old Cruise was not involved in any such incident.

    "Totally false," she says of the report, which also claimed Cruise needed medical attention at a nearby hospital. "Not true at all."

    Article from Clutch and Chrome

    Harley-Davidson and Custo Barcelona present their exclusive ‘Harley Custo’

    Very Mediterranean, fresh and colorful.
    This is the impressive Harley-Davidson that integrates a surprising design and never before seen aesthetics in the motor world

    The Harley Custo was born from a charitable proposal and will be auctioned off in the summer. The funds collected will be designated to the FundaciĆ³n San Juan de Dios for its project in Sierra Leone

    Barcelona, March 18, 2010. Harley-Davidson and the fashion designer, Custo Dalmau have joined their inspiration to create the exclusive Harley Custo. The result of this emotional experience is a unique Harley-Davidson collector’s item where Custo Dalmau reflects his creativity and the motorcycle builder and designer, two-time world customization champion, Ferry Clot, has modified, adapted and given shape to incorporate the designs and aesthetic brought by the creative.

    The idea was born from a passion between the designer and Harley-Davidson which shares values such as freedom, independence and a deep vocation for designs with a non-conformist spirit. Custo Dalmau is a fan of the motor world and, in his beginnings as a designer, he travelled across the United States on motorcycle, a trip that was the source of inspiration of his first designs, as well as the start of diverse adventures on two wheels.

    The fashion designer has found a new muse in Harley-Davidson, a reflection of his passion for two wheels. His creativity united with the talent and experience of Ferry Clot has produced this spectacular result: a surprising Harley Custo with a very Mediterranean and colorful aspect, inspired by the dragster sports motorcycles.

    The Harley Custo, a transformed Night Rod Special by Harley-Davidson, has come from the encounter between Dalmau and Clot. Both creatives share a special pleasure for aesthetics that go beyond the conventional and, on this occasion, have fused their creativity in an altruistic way, creating a Harley that has never been seen before in the motor world.

    Ferry Clot has modified, adapted and given form to the creative idea proposed by Custo Dalmau, compellingly influencing the bodywork, the parts of the motor, the chassis, the forks and the hubcaps. Absolutely each detail has been hand-painted.

    In the words of Clot: “The originality of Custo Dalmau’s creative proposal has impressed me and created a challenge, because it obligates us to carry out a great transformation of the motorcycle from the structure to the look. It has been an extraordinarily exciting experience because Harley-Davidson has been very daring”.

    Dramatic pictures as motorbike gang raid The Queen's jewellers ‎

    The walk on by raid: How a smash and grab motorbike gang can strike the Queen's silversmith in broad daylight - and no one turns a hair

    It could have been a scene from a gangster movie, one shop worker said.
    And passers-by who witnessed this robbery in London yesterday certainly treated it like one.
    While self-preservation may have stopped them from intervening, they weren't too scared to stand there and enjoy the show.
    One older gentleman was so unconcerned (or so oblivious) that he strolled right past the motorbike riding gang breaking into the branch of jewellers Mappin & Webb at 11.20am.

    Crime show: Four robbers break into a central London jewellery 
store as another stands guard, while witnesses simply watch or stroll 
    Crime show: Four robbers break into a central London jewellery store as another stands guard, while witnesses simply watch or stroll past

    The store's staff were probably a little more concerned as the robbers, still wearing their helmets, smashed the window on Old Bond Street. Luckily, no one was hurt.

    The gang grabbed tens of thousands of pounds worth of loot, and then roared away.
    There were claims that police officers took 25 minutes to arrive on the scene, giving the robbers plenty of time. Witness Petra Remias, 25, who works in a shop opposite said: 'The men started banging on the window with a huge hammer - it made a horrible noise.
    'It was like a gangster movie. People in the street started gathering around in a semi-circle to watch.
    'The raid lasted between five and ten minutes, it wasn't quick.'

    A gang member smashes the glass and then leans in to snatch 
fistfuls of gems and watches worth at least £50,000 each
    Broad daylight: A gang member smashes the glass and then leans in to snatch fistfuls of gems and watches worth at least £50,000 each

    A forensic officer gathers evidence at the site where the gang 
member broke the glass
    Brazen: A forensic officer gathers evidence at the site where the gang member smashed through the glass
    Gemma Flitton, 29, works in the Ralph Lauren showroom above Mappin & Webb. She said: 'It felt like an earthquake.
    'We could feel the sledgehammer blows as they vibrated through our floor.
    'It was extraordinary because there were dozens of people watching and taking pictures. At least 60 people were on the pavement opposite.'
    Mappin & Webb has proved a popular target for smash-and-grab gangs. The same branch on the junction with Piccadilly suffered a similar raid last year.
    And the Regent Street store was raided three times in 2008. In one attack a Vauxhall Vectra was driven through the front doors.
    In 2006, two teenagers were jailed after stealing £26,000 of goods from Mappin & Webb in Fenchurch Street A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: 'Westminster CID are investigating. We have not been informed of any injuries.'
    The spokesman rejected claims that it took officers 25 minutes to reach the scene, saying they attended within two minutes of receiving the call.
    Forensic officers yesterday refused to say what was taken from the store and what it was worth.
    A spokesman for Mappin & Webb declined to comment. The chain acts as silversmith to the Queen and Prince Charles.
    A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: 'At 11.17 police were called by a member of the public reporting a robbery in progress at Mappin and Webb, Old Bond Street, officers were immediately despatched.
    'A call was also received at 11.18 by a PCSO who was in the area and had begun pursuing the suspects on foot as they made off down Pall Mall.
    'At 11.20 details of bikes were despatched over the radio and at 11.21 the officers in the response car were pursuing the suspects in the direction of Duke Street.  Air support was also in attendance.
    'Officers lost sight of the suspects in Wimbourne Street and returned to the scene at Mappin and Webb, arriving at 11.36.  During this time a number of PCSOs had already attended the scene at Mappin and Webb.'

    Honda 3R-C concept World Debut at Geneva International Motor Show 2010

    Honda 3R-C conceptThe revolutionary Honda 3R-C concept will make its world debut in Geneva, alongside the EV-N concept which makes its European debut at the show.
    Both the three-wheeled 3R-C concept, which envisions a single occupant vehicle for zero emission commuting, and the EV-N urban concept, draw on Honda’s vast working knowledge of vehicles utilising electric motors.
    This revolutionary three wheeled battery electric vehicle concept shows what a future minimal urban transport vehicle for one person might look like. The battery electric drivetrain is mounted low in the three wheeled chassis, therefore keeping the centre of gravity low and thus improving stability.
    The 3R-C has a clear canopy that covers the driver’s seat while it is parked and not in use. When 3R-C vehicle is in motion, the canopy becomes an enveloping wind-shield that provides the pilot, who sits low in the vehicle, with significant protection from the bodywork and doors.
    Honda 3R-CThe high sides of the safety shell seat give greater safety to the occupant, reducing the threat from side impacts and improving weather protection. In front of the driver is a lockable boot area, which gives significant secure storage for luggage or other items. The 3R-C’s designers created a flexible cover that surrounds the upper torso to reduce exposure to bad weather and improving comfort.
    The 3R-C study was created by European designers working at Honda’s Research and Design facility in Milan.

    Article from motorbike search engine 

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    Meet the new face of BBC MotoGP ‎

    After all the new bikes and liveries, plus line-up changes, the last question all fans have been asking themselves about the 2010 MotoGP season can finally be answered - who will be presenting the BBC's MotoGP coverage?

    Suzi Perry, the face of MotoGP for more than a decade, decided in the close season to step down and concentrate on other work. 

     Now, her replacement can be revealed - Jennie Gow.

    "It's a dream come true," she told BBC Sport.
    "It's the most amazing opportunity for anyone who's into bikes, I can't wait to meet every rider and every person involved with it - there isn't a rider I'm not looking forward to meeting."

    The 32-year-old has an extensive background in newspapers, radio and television, presenting motocross and speedway, and says she is thrilled at the prospect of getting involved with the world of elite-class motorbikes.

    "I've always been interested in sport in general but my first foray into sports broadcasting was with bikes, so I'm biased towards them," she added.

    There were some thrilling races and battles in the 2009 campaign before Valentino Rossi ran away with the world title and Jennie cannot wait for the new campaign to start.

    "There were some amazing races last year and I think it will be even better in 2010 - there are some real grudges there, and with Ben Spies coming through, there's going to be loads going on."

    The move into MotoGP is a big step for Jennie - but she says it is a challenge she cannot wait to take on. She will be working in the BBC team alongside experienced commentators Charlie Cox and Steve Parrish and reporter Matt Roberts.

    "I call myself an honorary biker - I've got a lot to learn, and I'm very aware of that, but hopefully the biking community will welcome me," she stated.

    "I come to it from the fans' point of view - Steve and Charlie are there as the pros, I'll bring you the fans' enthusiasm.

    "The globetrotting will be a first for me - I've done bits of travelling for work before but nothing as major as this, so I'll certainly be buying some new luggage, something that will last more than one flight!"
    After 13 years of covering motorbike racing for the BBC, Perry took the "agonising" decision to step away from the sport.

    "I am still bike racing's number one fan but the time commitments have prevented me from doing other stuff," she told Motorcycle News.
    "It feels like a part of something has died. That might sound a little dramatic but that's how I feel."
    Jennie knows it will be a hard act to follow.

    "Suzi has been amazing with bringing on bike coverage," she said.
    "She knows it inside out as she's lived it for so long. It's a massive challenge for me and I hope I can do it justice. If enthusiasm counts for anything then I've certainly got lots of it - I hope I can do a decent job for the fans."

    And despite stepping into the limelight, it is not something she is particularly keen to hog.
    "My style is energetic and quite chatty but this sport is all about the riders and the stories, not me. I'm there to relay it to the people who can't be there, it's about getting that sense of excitement across to those watching."

    Article from BBC

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    How to Advertise a Bike....Put A Hot Blonde Model on it!

    How do you drive motorcycle journalists crazy? Run a feature photo shoot with WSBK race bike, a helicopter, and a hot blonde model. Its not that we don’t like these things, it’s just that we like answers more. BMW seems to have an endless supply of photos that keep us perpetually guessing what the production S1000RR will look like. Sure the carbon fairings and tasty race bits are nice and pleasing, but we want to see some OEM ABS plastic, horrible CAFE compliant exhaust pipes, and maybe a blinker here and there. Lately, it seems like only the race bike seems to be getting love from Mr. Nikon and Mr. Canon…and it keeps us up at night.

    Make no mistake, by all measures the race-ready S1000RR is a technical powerhouse. It boasts very un-BMW-like features like  an aluminum beam frame, an inline-four motor, traction control, telescopic forks, and the Double VANOS continuously variable exhaust and inlet valve timing. All these features add up to a final product that is a low weight (190kg wet), high power (190hp with a huge torque curve) beast that has a chassis suspension package to rival the best.
    We will continue to wait and see if BMW ever gets around to actually making a street version (we know they have to at some point). Also, no word on whether you get a helicopter or blonde german girl with the purchase. We can hope though.

    Article from Asphalt & Rubber

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    Bikerbabe 2010 Competition

    The search is on for...

    The Motorbike Show Biker Babe 2010..

    The Motorbike Show Bikerbabe 2010 competition - After the great success of The Motorbike Show Biker Babe competion introduced in 2009, it's back for another year by popular demand.

    Last Years Winner! 

    For More Information and Pictures Visit

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    Bizarrobikes - Top 5 Ugliest Motorcycles

    1) Bimota Tesi 2D - Tesi in Italian means Thesis and I can assure you that whoever wrote that Thesis was thrown out of school on their butt. I don't even know which way this bike goes and where you sit! How do you steer it? Why does the exhaust point forward (or is that forward)? Is that fairing structure finished, or does it have panels that have yet to be fitted to it? Where are the mirrors, where are the instruments, where is the headlight? Most importantly, where is the sanity of the engineers who designed this ultimate of all bizarrobikes?
    2) Buell Lightning - Yes, it took a completely crazed group of Italians to beat this revoltomachine to the Number One position among bizarrobikes, but it was close. What the Lightning lacks in sheer incoherence, it gains in massive strokes from the uglibrush. As the winner of the Top 10 Ugliest contest, please look at this motorcycle and tell me that it doesn't look like it ran into a wall at 100 mph? The forks look like they've been pushed back, and the entire leading edge of the engine bay is caved in! From the strapped on LPG canister on the undercarriage to the insipid double headlights and useless microwindshield, all the way to its architectural support beam slashing from triple clamp to swingarm, the Lightning screams UGLY! Too bad the entire Buell team wasn't hit by lightning before they drew up this mutant gargoyle from hell!
    3) Bimota Tesi 3D - Rounding out the top three and scoring the majority of positions, is that merry group of psychotic lunatics at Bimota, who with the Tesi 3D create yet another engineering structural cross-section and pass it off as a finished motorcycle. What is it with this beam look that resembles a mechanical MRI? Why does the front wheel look like it came off a Lotus Seven? And what's with the scrawny tank and the wasp sting fairing and headlight? Ok, I can at least tell where you sit on this bike and which way is forwards, although if I sat my big fat butt on that Tour De France bicycle seat it would have the effect of a proctological examination. What a waste of perfectly good metal!
    4) Yamaha V-Max 1700 - The triple tuning fork people took one of the ugliest motorcycles ever to disgrace the Eighties and updated it so that they can repulse riders well into the new millennium. This rolling, bulbous, misshapen, and profoundly revolting junk pile has no reason to exist outside of some fevered meth-fueled fantasy. Where the original V-Max had single hood scoops on each side, let's make it two scoops, and let's follow that theme with a siamese melted-together muffler, two giganto radiators, a kicked up rear skirt behind a sausage of a pillion seat, a 1967 Scrambler headlight, and an engine compartment mercifully blacked out to cover its sheer hideousness. Yamaha has put out some astoundingly ugly crap lately, but this one is by far the worst!
    5) Triumph Speed Triple - Triumph has been running neck and neck with Yamaha, Buell, and Bimota in the race to produce the most vomit-provoking designs in motorcycle history, and its even outdone its original Rocket III with this bugeyed mutant which just escaped from the genetic manipulation laboratory. If the rest of the hodgepodge, welded-together pile of scrap metal rubbish wasn't enough, did they really have to finish it off with matte black daisy petal wheels? Uuugh!

    Article from Hub Pages

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    Top 3 Most Expensive Motorcycles in the World

    MV Agusta F4 1100 CC

    The cheapest one in the top 3 is the MV Agusta F4 1100 CC. Lots of power, 315 km/h (195 mph) topspeed and a great design for just $135,000 (£89,795).

    MV Agusta F4 1100 CC

    MV Agusta F4 1100 CC

    MTT Turbine Superbike

    Second is the MTT Turbine Superbike. $185,000 (£123,053) will give you one of these. It comes with a Rolls-Royce turbine engine that was designed to lift a helicopter. The engine gives you 300+ hp to play with and a topspeed of 365 km/h (227 mph).

    MTT Turbine Superbike

    MTT Turbine Superbike

    According to Guinness Word Records, the MTT Turbine Superbike is the most powerful production motorcycle ever. It is even more powerful than the Ducati Desmosedici RR, which I believe was the fastest production motorcycle in the world.

    Still, I’m not sure if I will consider it a normal motorcycle or not. It is the only motorcycle I have ever seen with a turbine engine.

    Dodge Tomahawk

    The most expensive motorcycle in the world is the Dodge Tomahawk. Production was limited to just ten models and they retailed at $550,000 (£365,833) each! The Dodge Tomahawk has the honor of being the fastest motorcycle ever (675 km/h, 419 mph), but it isn’t street legal.

    Dodge Tomahawk

    Dodge Tomahawk

    Article from Transport Specs

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    A gearless electric motorbike for the trendy

    hmk 561_1

    Eco Factor: Concept zero-emission electric motorbike.

    The HMK 561 by designer Ralf Kittmann is a concept zero-emission electric motorbike that uses its carbon fiber frame for electricity conduction, putting an end to those messy cables that transmit power from the battery to the in-wheel motors via the handlebar.

    Motorbike tour raises money for cancer, military fund

    This year, 4,300 Canadian men will die from prostate cancer.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way, said local broadcasting legend and prostate cancer survivor Max Keeping.

    “This is one of the cancers we can beat,” said Keeping, who helped launch the Motorcycle Ride for Dad 10th Anniversary Cross-Canada Tour campaign Thursday. “I can’t think of anything that will be as powerful as a motorcycle ride telling Canadian men you do not have to die of prostate cancer.”

    The event, which raises funds for prostate cancer awareness, will also fundraise for the Military Families Fund, which former Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Rick Hillier created in 2007 to assist military families faced with unforeseen and often immediate needs.

    The event has grown over the years, said Motorcycle Ride for Dad tour marshal Wayne Rostad.

    The event started in Ottawa 10 years ago with 80 riders, raising $20,000. Since then, over 100,000 people have helped raise $5 million to fight prostate cancer and grow the event into a massive cross-country tour, he said. The ride, which begins on Aug. 1 in St. John’s, N.L, ends in Victoria on Aug. 27.

    Article from metro news

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    Motorbike hoon caught at 170km/h in 80 zone, no licence, unregistered bike

    An unlicensed teen hoon has had his motorbike impounded after allegedly being caught at more than twice the speed limit.

    The motorcycle was impounded for 48 hours after being pulled over by police on Tuesday night.

    The 17 year-old from Fawkner was pulled over on Sydney Road, Campellfield about 10.50pm.

    Police said he was caught travelling at more than of 170 km/h in an 80 km/h zone.

    The rider was unlicensed and the motorcycle was unregistered.

    He was issued with three penalty notices.

    Article from HS

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    MotoCzysz Puts the Sizzle in Electric Motorcycles


    We are in the midst of an electric motorcycle revolution, and nowhere is that more obvious than on the racetrack. The new technology is not about tweaking the status quo. It’s about shattering it. And that’s just what Michael Czysz plans to do at the TT Zero motorcycle race.

    The head guy at MotoCzysz — that’s pronounced MotoSizz, as in sizzle — is returning to the Isle of Man for another run at the famed Mountain Course on a supersexy electric motorcycle that is sure to make your heart skip a beat. Last year’s bike, the equally gorgeous E1PC, used three motors and 10 lithium-ion batteries. Czysz says it would do zero to 120 mph in seven seconds, but we’ll have to take his word for it. Mechanical gremlins sidelined the bike during the inaugural TTXGP electric motorcycle race.

    As good as that bike may have been, it’s last year’s model. The bike we’ll see this year shares just 10 percent of its parts with the E1PC. Czysz says the technology is changing too fast to look back.

    “At this stage of the series, nobody should be showing up with the same bike they did last year. Period,” he says.

    Besides — it isn’t like Czysz isn’t full of ideas. He’s a high-end architect and motorcycle fanatic with a history of going against the grain and redefining what’s possible in motorcycle design with panache and innovation.

    MotoGP god Valentino Rossi checks out the future of his sport  during last year's TTXGP.

    MotoGP god Valentino Rossi checks out the future of his sport during last year's TTXGP.

    Czysz and his crew in Portland, Oregon, made their name with the C1 990, a MotoGP contender the likes of which the world had never seen. It had a full carbon-fiber frame. An innovative suspension. And a glorious 220-horsepower longitudinally mounted engine. Those who rode it raved about it, but the bike never saw competition because MotoGP’s rulemakers switched from 1,000-cc engines to 800-cc engines.

    Still, why make the 180-degree change to eMotos?

    “We had taken the C1 to a level that we thought was worthy of going to the next level,” Czysz said. They were going to prep the C1 for production. But while talking to different manufacturers, they got the sense the trend is tipping toward fuel efficiency over maximum power. So that got him thinking.

    “We needed to refocus for something more relevant and utilize our existing assets of design, innovation and creativity to focus on the beginning,” he says. That said, leaving the C1 behind wasn’t an easy decision.

    “That decision actually sucked,” Czysz says. “I liked everything about the (gas-powered) bikes. I didn’t like anything about the eMoto until I got more educated on it. Eventually everything made sense.”

    Now that it’s making sense for him, Czysz is ready to wow the world once more.

    The crux of his latest design is the all-new Electric D1g1tal Dr1ve System with a proprietary controller, the Electrical Storage System. Czysz claims the package is one of the highest torque-density motors in the industry. He opted to design his own motor because he doesn’t think the stuff that’s out there is up to spec.

    “They are made for golf carts and commercial use,” he says. “They are designed with a different priority list than what we are coming up with now.”

    Agni Motors, among others, may disagree. Team Agni smoked the rest of the field at last year’s TTXGP, finishing more than four minutes ahead of the second-place finisher and lapping the course 10 mph faster than anyone else. Agni is back for the TTXGP championship now that the race series has split from the Isle of Man. It also is providing the motors for the Mavizen electric superbike.

    Czysz is using a liquid-cooled brushless DC (BLDC) motor with an internal permanent magnet, or IPM, design. It produces 75 kilowatts (100 horsepower) and 250 pound feet of torque. If you can’t follow the geek-speak and alphabet soup, this is all you need to know — the motor provides boatloads of torque and near-optimum 93 percent efficiency under continuous heavy load.

    Czysz says this year’s E1PC will be “like no bike you have ever seen,” and based upon last year’s bike, we believe him.


    The MotoCzysz EDD is a hell of a thing.

    The “suitcase” design frame features a central spine instead of twin spars like a conventional motorcycle. That provides faster access to the 10 batteries, which can be swapped out in seconds. The rear suspension is all-new, but the otherworldly Czysz fork is back. And that’s about the end of the similarities with last year’s ride.

    “This year’s bike should make last year’s bike look quite antiquated,” Czysz says. “It is five years more advanced than last year.”

    So what’s it look like? He isn’t saying. Even if he wanted to unveil the bike now instead of sticking to his plan to unveil it at the Isle of Man prior to the race on June 9, he couldn’t. It doesn’t actually exist yet. He’s got a motor and controller on the dyno, batteries on the test bench and more than 100 parts in the queue to be manufactured.

    With three months until the flag drops, Czysz and company have their work cut out for them. But they’re no strangers to coming down to the wire. Mark Miller hadn’t even ridden last year’s entry before race day. It doesn’t matter how good you are — that’s the definition of gutsy considering run-off areas on the Mountain Course often consist of stone walls.

    Despite the scramble to finish and last year’s DNF due to electrical issues, Czysz is confident his bike will not only take the checkered flag but also the £10,000 prize — about $16,000 — promised to the first rider to post a 100-mph lap. And who’s his biggest competition?

    First and foremost, he says, “the mountain.” A 37.5-mile winding course is a test to any bike, let alone one packed with up-to-the-second technology. And then there’s Team Agni.

    “I have a hunch of what they are doing, evolving and polishing,” he says, so he won’t be completely surprised. “But they have 25 years in the electric-drive world and that counts for something.”

    Czysz is out to do more than race. He wants to be a player in the emerging electric-motorcycle market. If you’ve got a hankering for an eMoto of your own, you can pick up a MotoCzysz D1g1tal Dr1ve system complete with batteries and a chassis — designed to accept virtually any swingarm — for $42,500. It’s less if you don’t want the batteries. Step up now and Czysz will knock $10,000 off the price if you’re among the first 15 people in line. Hell — he’s even willing to lease bikes to qualified teams running in the TT Zero or TTXGP.

    We know what you’re thinking … you want the whole bike, so when can you buy one? You can’t. Not yet anyway. There’s too much proprietary race tech in it. Not that you’d want to spend six figures for a motorcycle.

    That said, there’s a good chance a 2010 E1PC replica could be for sale within the year.

    Article from Wired

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    BMW motorcycle sales increase 14.4%

    The BMW Group once again improved sales volumes substantially in February of this year. A total of 91,758 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce automobiles were delivered to customers (prev. yr. 80,474) - representing an increase of 14.0%. The figure for the year to the end of February was 173,911 units - 15.3% higher than the previous year (150,893).

    A total of 78,248 BMW brand automobiles were delivered to customers in February - an increase of 13.7% (prev. yr. 68,823). For the year to the end of February, sales were 14.7% higher than the previous year (129,085) at 148,112 units.

    Sales of the MINI brand also continued to perform well. Last month, 13,443 MINI cars, 16.0% more than in February 2009 (11,584), were delivered to customers worldwide. 25,645 MINI vehicles were sold in the year to the end of February. That represents an increase of 18.2% (prev. yr. 21,704).

    The Rolls-Royce brand delivered 67 automobiles in February (prev. yr. 67/+0.0%). For the year to the end of February, 154 Rolls-Royce cars were handed over to customers worldwide (prev. yr. 104/+48.1%).

    Following a good performance in January, deliveries in the Motorcycle Segment again rose substantially in February by 24.6% to reach a total of 5,485 vehicles (prev. yr. 4,401). For the year to the end of February, that represents an increase of 14.4% to 9,299 motorcycles sold (prev. yr. 8,132). The revised R 1200 GS, R 1200 GS Adventure and R 1200 RT, all strong volume models, contributed to this growth as well as the newly introduced S 1000 RR.

    Article from ultimate motorcycling

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    Honda to build Rs450-crore motorcycle plant

    While a world-wide recession has slowed motorcycle sales and production in North America, Europe, and other places, India seems to have no such problem.

    Honda has announced that it will build a second motorcycle factory there and that 2,000 people will work in it. Cost: about $100 million Cdn.

    Growing demand in India for Honda's motorcycles has prompted the move, and Honda says it could double production in the plant if necessary. Once the factory is on-line late in 2011, it will make about 600,000 motorcycles a year, and Honda's total production in India will be 2.2 million vehicles a year. The plant will be located near Delhi.

    There's only one other market of comparable size for makers of motorcycles and other good things — China, and sales of just over a million motorcycles there in 2009 set a ninth straight record and were up 11 per cent over 2008 sales.