Motorcycle madness in Tom Cruises latest movie

27 Do stars who happen to be motorcycle enthusiasts have any say in bringing their two-wheeled passion to the big screen?
Case in point, controversial heartthrob, Tom Cruise is the latest leading man and biker appearing in the saddle and on the big screen in his latest movie, Knight and Day.

The motorcycle scenes were filmed in Boston Massachusetts where Tom rode what appeared to be a classic Kawasaki Police bike. In Knight and Day, scheduled for release in June 25th, Cruise plays a super spy who turns lonely Cameron Diaz’s life upside down after a blind date, taking her on a violent journey to protect a powerful battery that holds the key to an infinite energy source.

Wanting to share the publicity wealth, Cruise is also seen on a Ducati with Diaz sharing the saddle in the upcoming movie.

Cruise is no stranger to the motorcycle passion in either is personal or professional life.
An iconic scene in both is movie career and the 80's film genre featured Tom Cruise racing a Kawasaki Ninja 900 along a runway as a F-14 takes off. His other motorcycle movie appearances included Triumph's in Mission Impossible with the actor riding a simialr bike on the stage of Oprah's talk show to promote the movie.

In his personal life, the actor has been seen in a variety of saddles.

He is among the famous names that own a Confederate Motorcycle (a F131 Hellcat Combat model) and created a paparazzi stir when he arrived at the War of the Worlds premier in 2005 on a Honda Dune with wife Katie Holmes on the back.

28Cruise caused a commotion when jumped to the top of the list for the first Ducati Desmosedici RR motorcycle, supposedly upsetting fellow celebrity biker Brad Pitt, with Denzel Washington and Michael Jordan being drawn into the never confirmed celebrity gossip. The 'Top Gun' actor even took his wife and Hollywood to the 2008 Red Bull US MotoGP World Championship in July of last year.

Recently, celebrity gossip threatened to overshadow the pre-release publicity for Knight and Day with a rumored, and never confirmed motorcycle spill by Cruise in downtown Hollywood. Reportedly, two eyewitnesses saw the Mission Impossible star slide into an SUV while he was riding his Ducati down La Cienega Boulevard. A slightly injured Cruise limped to a nearby restaurant to call paramedics who arrived thirty minutes later.

But according to Tom's publicist, Amanda Lundberg it never happened and the 47-year-old Cruise was not involved in any such incident.

"Totally false," she says of the report, which also claimed Cruise needed medical attention at a nearby hospital. "Not true at all."

Article from Clutch and Chrome