Schwarzenegger rides again -- this time aboard an electric motorcycle

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose affection for motorcycles played out at the box office in the Terminator movies and others, gave an electric motorcycle a whirl at a press conference yesterday.
Schwarzenegger sat astride the a new Zero Motorcycles electric cycle during a demonstration in San Francisco. He was promoting after approval of a new statewide rebate program that gives consumers $1,500 off the purchase of an electric cycle. With the federal tax credit, consumes can reap savings of $2,500. Even with the rebates, though, the street-ready motorcycle is still pricey:
They can cost upwards of $7,500.

"Zero electric motorcycles are very important technology and this is great for California because this is an ideal place to ride motorcycles," said Governor Schwarzenegger. "I love the financial side of these motorcycles because they cost less then one cent per mile to operate and you get a 10% federal tax credit plus a California rebate of $1,500. That equates to a 25 percent price reduction making these electric motorcycles affordable for anybody."

"We are honored to be here and to have received the support of Governor Schwarzenegger. We are a California company creating California jobs and are extremely proud the Governor's office recognized us for our efforts," said Gene Banman, CEO, Zero Motorcycles.

Article from USA Today