Even Kesha is surley not going to ride that motorbike in those heels!

Kesha is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of what's appropriate.

But even she surely wouldn't ride a motorbike in these high heels.

The pop star posed astride a bike in six inch platforms and super-short hot pants for her new video Take It Off.

Pop pose: Kesha sits astride a motorbike in a scene from her new video for Take It Off... but surely she can't be riding it in those heels?

From American Indian headdresses to bin liner inspired outfits, she doesn't shy away from playing with fashion.

But despite her reputation, Kesha recently insisted she has been misrepresented as a party girl.

The singer, whose debut song TiK ToK was number one for nine weeks in the UK, said she is actually very responsible.

'I wouldn't have a No 1 record or song if I wasn't a hard-working person,' she said.