Limited Edition £6000 Yamaha YZF-R125.

Yamaha has unveiled a show-special YZF-R125 – but at over £6000, it could take the average teenager a while to save up for one.

The popular sports 125, which already costs £3999, gets a £478 full Akropovic exhaust system, Galfer Wave brake discs, a bubble screen, pillion seat cover, frame protectors and a £1200 paint job.

Because it’s a one-off, unveiled to showcase accessories at Carole Nash Motorcycle Live, the only way to get one is to pay for everything separately, bringing the cost to £6072.

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Readers recommend motorbike songs: The results

That mixture of thrill-seeking and abandonment is not unique to bikers, but it certainly seems to be popular
    Riding a Harley Davidson in the Californian desert 
'Looking for adventure' ... riding a Harley Davidson in the Californian desert. Photograph: Alamy When you hear the word motorbike, what do you think of? Marlon Brando in an unfortunate cap astride his Triumph? The ultrafast races in Akira? Or, and apologies if you had managed to shut this out of your memory banks, John Travolta and his baby-soft cheeks pootling around in Wild Hogs? 

As some of the Readers Recommend community observed, the meaning of the motorbike, all that symbolism stuff, is a lot less broad than its four-wheeled pal, the car. Different cars say different things about their drivers, but in music, it seems, bikes are about rough-edged individuals feeling freedom in their hair. 

Steppenwolf, obviously, are largely to blame. Or Dennis Hopper. Or both. Born to Be Wild is inextricably linked to Easy Rider, but it summarises that film's attitude with its motto: "Looking for adventure/ Or whatever comes my way." That mixture of thrill-seeking and abandonment is not unique to bikers, but it certainly seems to be popular.

The Allman Brothers conceive of the Midnight Rider, who heads out with just the clothes on his back and a silver dollar in his pocket. The Jesus and Mary Chain take the same idea and turn it into narcissistic fetish: "I cut the road like a sharpened knife/ And I'm in love with myself/ There's nothing else but me." 

The Living End, taken from the Mary Chain's Psychocandy, is a ball of buzzing noise and is complemented by both Suicide's droning epic Ghost Rider and the frenzied breakbeat of μ-Ziq's The Motorbike Track. Quite what it was about the motorbike that encouraged such sounds is not apparent; maybe somebody had experienced one too many rattling carburettors. Other songs engage with the iconography but explore it from different angles. Neil Young's Unknown Legend is a waitress and mother of two. But in Young's mind's eye she's a Harley-riding rebel "colliding with the very air she breathes". Richard Thompson sings a ballad of a love brought short; James, the owner of the titular Vincent, is felled by the law – his lover Red Molly survives him. The tragedy is circumscribed by the fact that Red Molly's feelings for James were, in the first instance, caused partly by the bike. Without the means of his own destruction the couple would never have come together in the first place.

In Daniel Johnston's Speeding Motorcycle, the dreams of speed remain, but the bike is the man: "Pretty girls have taken you for a ride/ Hurt you deep inside but you never slowed down." Johnston aspires towards the robustness of the machine itself, not the Dennis Hopper archetype that owns it. 

The Manic Street Preachers composed a great hook upon which to hang their wailing against the functions of capitalism. Here it's possible to see the bike as a fake rebellion: "Under neon loneliness/ Motorcycle emptiness." At least, that's one reading. I'm much clearer as to why the refreshingly unpredictable Dr Alimantado has made this week's list. The Barber Feel It is not in any way a contemplation of bikes, but it does feature a 50cc machine growling away in the background.  

This week's playlist: 
1. Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf 
2. Midnight Rider – The Allman Brothers 
3. The Living End- The Jesus and Mary Chain 
4. Ghost Rider - Suicide 
5. The Motorbike Track - µ-Ziq 
6. Unknown Legend - Neil Young 
7. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning - Richard Thompson 
8. Speeding Motorcycle - Daniel Johnston 
9. Motorcycle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers 
10. The Barber Feel it - Dr Alimantado & Jah Stitch   
Article from The Guardian
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Amazing Motorbike Modifications

These motorbike certainly won’t get unnoticed wherever they show up, and all you have to do to have one like these is a little creativity, time and money. But it looks like the owners of these modded motorbikes have gone a bit too far with their desire to have something unique.

Article from lol hunter

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Triumph motorcycles celebrates as profits rise

Profits rocketed more than fivefold at Triumph Motorcycles last year, as the British motorbike maker drove through better cost control and use of working capital.

Despite a "very difficult year for the global motorcycle industry", Triumph also grew turnover by 3 per cent to £312.4m for the year to 30 June.

This was driven by "strong" sales of motorbike parts, clothing and accessories, such as automatic breaking systems, said a spokeswoman. However, unit sales of motorcycles fell by 1.5 per cent to 45,501 over the year, which suggests that Leicestershire-based Triumph was able to push through price increases.

But the group, which was founded in 1902, said it was cautious about the outlook for the global market 2011, "due to the continued global economic crisis and the impact on consumer confidence and spending on discretionary consumer goods".

Triumph, arguably best known for its Daytona 675 model, said the world market for motorcycles bigger than 500cc has tumbled by almost half since its peak three years ago.

Triumph grew operating profit by 504 per cent to £15.1m for the year to the end of June, compared to just £2.5m for the previous year.

The profit acceleration was the result of "strong sales of motorcycles and related products, benefiting from better cost control, improved use of working capital and favourable impact from currency exchange rates," said the company.

While it is cautious about the macro environment for global motorbike sales, Triumph stressed it was stepping up its research and development budget and that the public and dealers had responded positively to its new bikes.

A spokeswoman said that Triumph has already launched five new motorcycles of which the new Speed Triple and the Tiger 800 Adventure range are the "most significant"

Article from The Independent

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New Kawasaki concept trike unveiled

Lehman Trikes recently unveiled the company’s latest concept trike at the Kawasaki dealer meeting in Las Vegas, according to a press release from Lehman.

The company designed its new model based on the Kawasaki Vulcan 900. Lehman put the vehicle on display, so Lehman and Kawasaki could receive feedback from dealers.

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to solicit feedback from Kawasaki’s dealer network,” Ken Hines, president and CEO of Lehman Trikes, said in the release. “The Vulcan 900 has proven itself as an outstanding motorcycle in the below 1000cc cruiser category and serves as an excellent foundation for a trike that would raise the bar in its class for performance and value.”

The Vulcan trike is being explored as Lehman’s next product.

Article from Power Sports Business

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Dirt Bike Show 2010 | UKBike was there to see the action!

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UKBike visited The International Dirt Bike Show at Stoneleigh Park which kicked off in action and style on Thursday, with visitors flocking through the doors to see the latest 2011 model machines, products, clothing and accessories from all the leading manufacturers and suppliers.

On top of all the latest exhibits, the action arena was off to a lively start with audiences packing into the stalls to witness the air-time antics of the Bolddog freestyle team. Other visitors took the weight off their feet and sat back to enjoy the fashion shows, interviews and live performances on the main hall two entertainment stage.

Tommy Searle is making a welcome and popular return to Europe after two years racing in the USA. Searle has returned to ride for the CLS Kawasaki team in the MX2 GP class, and was happy to get back to the International Dirt Bike Show to meet his many UK fans.

On the quad front, KTM UK announced its British and European championship team, with British Championship runner-up Mark Watson moving up from his private KTM team to the works supported KTM team managed by former European champion Richard Cole. Watson joins James Hellewell in the KTM UK team and they are due to start testing their 2011 machines next week.

Article from bikeland

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iTrials jumps onto iPhone

Motorbike trials game iTrials is now available on the App Store

Published on Nov 2, 2010

If you fancy playing something like Trials, the popular Xbox 360 motorbike trials simulator, developer Tooko's iTrials for iPhone may just be up your street.

Even though RedLynx develops games for the iPhone, Monster Trucks Nitro 1 and its sequel, for example, we’ve yet to see an iPhone version of its Trials motorbike extravaganza. Looking to capitalise on this, iTrials features 3D graphics courtesy of the Unity engine, 27 levels packed with obstacles and the ability to crash horribly, thanks to Ragdool physics

To keep you hooked, levels and stages are unlocked as you progress, and Facebook and Twitter integration means you can show off your achievements to friends. You can even compete against the world using the Agon Online Leaderboards.

If the idea of riding high-powered bikes over seesaws and moving platforms just isn’t enough, perhaps the promise of free updates with more levels will.

iTrials is available now for 59p from Apple’s App Store.

Article from knowyourmobile

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MV Agusta F3 triple | UKBike News

We've got some tech info on the middleweight MV Agusta F3 triple. Lots of claims for power and sophistication...

It looks like the MV Agusta F3 triple we wrote about here is going to be the big star of the Milan Bike show this week and the Italian outfit is making the most of its status as the season's hot ticket. At the moment all we have are press claims, but you can pick the facts from the fantasy below.

And you can say what you like, but it looks fantastic and if the reality lives up to the claims (and if it makes it into full production), then MV will have a winner and Castiglioni will have pulled it out the bag. Again.

This iconic engine has now returned in the form of an avant garde middle weight supersport with performance technical solutions based on the demands of Claudio Castiglioni who is convinced that this is the ideal architecture for a middle weight supersport.

The engine is the most compact, incredible short and narrow engine ever seen in this category. The powerplant is incredibly modern in design, technologically advanced and capable of generating the most power ever seen in this category. One of the numerous technical features is the counter-rotating crankshaft, never before seen on a production supersport engine.

The most advanced electronic engine control system has been designed specifically for this
extraordinary three cylinder. For the first time on an MV (and in the middle weight supersport
category) there is Ride By Wire with multi-maps that optimize the power output in all riding
conditions. The MV TC traction control has been incorporated into the engine control system raising the dynamic control to a new level on the F3.

As always, those who ride MV Agusta's have become accustomed to having the very best components and the maximum performance from the chassis. The new F3 follows this tradition with a level of quality that exceeds most of the 1000cc superbikes on the market.

As with all previous MV's, the advanced frame design incorporates a mix of steel tubing and aluminum side plates that wrap around the ultra compact engine offering a level of compactness never before seen on a supersport motorcycle. The compact engine dimensions left the maximum liberty to design the most advanced chassis on the market with an exceptionally long single sided swingarm that guarantees traction and feedback to the rider.

The components, as always, are of the highest quality. The Marzocchi front fork
is completely adjustable as well as the Sachs rear shock. The front brake system consists of a Nissin radial master cylinder and Brembo radial calipers and discs. It is simply the best and the new standard by which all other middleweight supersport bikes will be judged.

Article from superbike

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