Born to be wild - 62 year old on a road trip of a lifetime

A British grandmother has sold her $300,000 house to tour the world on her Harley Davidson motorbike.
Former hairdresser Sue O'Grady, 62, plans to sell her six bedroom house in Doncaster, Northern England, and hit the road for as long as ten years, to travel through America, Africa, the Middle East and Australia.

She said: "I love my home, I've lived there a long time and it's everything I ever wanted, but I probably love my Harley a lot more on balance, so the house has got to go.
I can travel a long way and see a lot of the world with the proceeds from the sale, and if I can stretch the money out and make it last for eight or 10 years then so much the better.

Good luck to you Sue, all the best.

Article from Female First