3D boobs set to cause mayhem

New ad campaign could cause accidents say experts, 16 years after first Wonderbra ad turned heads

THE MANUFACTURERS of cleavage-enhancing Wonderbra have come in for criticism from road safety groups following the unveiling of a huge 3-D poster near London Waterloo station.

The poster, which encourages passers-by to view wearing 3-D specs, is to promote the company's new Full Effect brassiere.

Safety groups have branded the idea a "distraction" for motorists; Wonderbra suffered similar criticism for their the 1994 'Hello Boys' ad campaign, featuring Czech model Eva Herzigov√°.

The 1994 poster, which showed Herzigov√° staring down at her peachy assets, was blamed for dozens of road accidents.

The latest 20ft wide poster, which stars Brazilian model Sabraine Banado, could be "a distraction" said Vince Yearley, a spokesman for IAM.

"For those motorists who don't happen to have 3D glasses in their car - and most don't - then as the image is slightly blurred, it will cause you to want to focus on it even more," continued Yearley.

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