Biker's anger over fine for parking at 'wrong angle'

Biker's anger over fine for parking at 'wrong angle'
A biker has been left fuming being issued with a parking ticket.

Andrew Taylor was fined £50 for leaving his 1400cc GSX Suzuki motorbike at the wrong angle along the white line on Market Street, Torquay, even though motorbikes are allowed to park for free so long as they do not take up an entire car parking space.

Mr Taylor, 51, a biker of 30 years and a clay pit worker from Paignton, said: "So much for being a bike-friendly town.

"Market Street is quite steep which is why I had to park the bike at a 45-degree angle or it would have fallen over.

"I was told motorbikes can park for free if they don't take a whole space."
"My back wheel was touching the kerb. I went to the shop to sort out a problem with my mobile phone and when I came back I had a parking ticket."

Mr Taylor rang the number on the ticket and was told to take a picture of the motorbike and its position on the road before contesting the fine.

He said: "There aren't any signs anywhere warning bikers of what they can or can't do."
Officials in the council's parking department confirmed motorcyclists were able to park within street pay-and-display bays free of charge provided the motorcycle was parked at right angles to the kerb on the white lines which demarcate each of the bays.

A spokesman said: "Parking this way allows for other vehicles to still park within the designated bays and make payment at the machine.

"Maximum stay and No Return periods at each location must be adhered to also, as failure to observe this will result in the issue of a penalty charge notice.

"If a motorcyclist wishes to place a motorcycle within a marked bay taking up the entire bay, he can purchase a ticket from the pay-and-display machine to do so.

"If the ticket cannot be clearly displayed then the ticket can be kept on their person.
"If a penalty charge notice is subsequently issued to the motorcycle, the pay-and-display ticket can be provided as evidence of correct payment having been made."

The spokesman added: "Parking for motorcycles is free in council-run car parks, provided it is within the designated area or parked safely outside of a bay, and not within a marked bay."

A Torbay Council spokesman said: "We have an appeals process for motorists and motorcyclists who feel there are mitigating circumstances which have led up to a penalty charge notice being issued.
"We would therefore urge the motorcyclist in this instance to follow these procedures, which are stated on the rear of the penalty charge notice.

"We will investigate the matter by considering the comments from the motorcyclist and reviewing all the data captured by the civil enforcement officer at the time the penalty charge notice was issued, and respond in due course."

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