Six And The City and The Boy Biker: December's articles on

What with the new site design which launched this morning, we've been a bit pre-occupied lately. So it's taken a while, but finally here are December's exclusive articles courtesy of the Rider's Digest. Enjoy...

"I have always been unlucky when it comes to breaking rules, because all the way through my school life it was always me that seemed to get caught. I was just never any good at covering up or looking out for people watching, in fact I was just too honest. And that’s why de-restricting my moped seems like a bit too much of a risk, because I always get caught, and getting caught with a moped that is de-restricted and therefore no longer a moped is quite a big thing. I would certainly be prosecuted for no licence and no insurance and that’s just for starters..."
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"As my P45 hasn’t landed on my desk, I’m still plodding away at work. Whilst sitting here in my Louboutin splendour, there are a few tell-tale signs that what you see is a thin veneer of corporate polish and underneath, subversion lurks…
My lid lives on the end of my desk. (My standard response to men fiddling with the Suomy: ‘I don’t play with your helmet, kindly don’t play with mine’)
My screen saver is his Rossiness getting his knee and elbow down and it all indicates that I like bikes but most people assume I’ve got a moped, and a certain visitor behind me was no exception:
"What bike do you ride?"
Me, obtusely, "A small black one."
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