Happy new year! London's bus lanes now open to bikers

Hello and welcome back to the UKBike blog! We hope that all our readers had a good break. The seasonal celebrations are now well and truly behind us, but with the new year comes a fresh batch of bike shows, new models and news from the world of two wheelers - plenty to keep our readers entertained.

Today marks the first day of Boris Johnson's experiment to allow motorbikes to use London's 'red route' bus lanes. As we reported back in October, the plan was met with opposition from the London Cycling Campaign who delivered a 3,500-name petition to the Mayor's office in protest.

Still, the bus lanes were opened to motorbikes this morning and the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) have marked the occasion by publishing a code of conduct for city riders who intend to use the lanes.

The code was developed with the Metropolitan Police, and contains guidance and information for bikers, emphasising the benefits as well as the dangers of riding in a shared space.

MCI's Craig Carey-Clinch said: "Motorcycles in bus lanes is good news for road safety and will also help to improve accessibility for motorcyclists who travel in London. However, it is essential that riders use this new freedom responsibly. This is why the MCI and its partners have developed the Code, which provides valuable advice and encourages riders to be aware of pedestrians and cyclists when they ride in bus lanes."

The MCI's code can be viewed at the MCI website.


Panamaniac said...

Aylesbury bus lanes have been open for bikes for some time now and works well for all road users.
(Except the childish car drivers who can't understand why they shouldn't be able to use them!!)