#1 Before even getting on a bike!

In my new role for UKBike, I feel it’s only my responsibility to become a fully fledged biker!
That means a full bike license. Yes it’s a duty in my new role, but I’ve wanted it for ages!

Being right in the middle of the biker’s world, I have easily started to make contacts and get good advice on the way to go about getting my license in style!

So where does one start? I have my provisional bike license already, so that’s one thing done. Next CBT, well I haven’t been on a bike since the last time I did a CBT so maybe a gentle easing back in to a bike would be a good thing.

So, after hunting round through a fair few training schools I have chosen the people who are going to train me. They are ART training, based in Crawley, the main man being Steve.
After having a great chat with Steve I am booked in for my first lesson. Like I say its been several years…ok 12 years since I last did my CBT, so it’s a bit un-nerving getting back on a bike, especially in winter. So Steve suggested I do a new course they have called the ‘New Rider’ course. It’s like a pre-CBT, to get you used to riding a bike, without having to go out on the road 10 Min's after you’ve just learned to ride the thing!

So with being booked in, my mind turns to my outfit. Just kidding, I mean my protective gear! ART do supply the basics such as helmet, gloves and high vis etc whilst in training, but if you know your in it for the long run, best to get kitted out from the off! At least with my own helmet.

So after seriously messing up my hair, and trying on a dozen helmets, I’m told the best helmet for my shaped head is an Arai. Therefore the best thing for me to do is get this brand of helmet. I wasn't aware that they differed so much. I thought you could just measure your head and go get any helmet of the shelf! You learn something new everyday! Apparently its very important to get a well fitted helmet so you don’t have problems later. (Watch this space!)

I am now at the Topgearsuperstore trying on helmets. Yet again earrings out, hair like I've been pulled through a hedge backwards. Yes the Arai is the one for me. Even better comes in true Binny style with a skull and cross bones down the side, SUPER, one please!
To tell you the truth Ian from TGSS went to a lot of trouble to get me the one I wanted, which I really appreciate. (Such good staff at that shop!)

So all that’s left is kit, and then my first lesson.

I can’t wait!!