$50 Motorcycle Retrofitted To Run on Solar Power

Tony Danger Coiro, a student at Purdue University, has recently created a zero-emission electric motorcycle that is powered by solar energy. The motorcycle, which initially cost about $50, is a transformed version of an old 1978 Suzuki.

He spent more than $2500 retrofitting and redesigning the bike, which is capable to reach a top speed of 45mph, having a range of about 24 miles per charge.

Coiro in collaboration with Jim Danielson and Sean Kleinschmidt, a colleague have launched the Purdue Electric Vehicles Club. Kleinschmidt and Danielson converted a 1987 Porsche 924S they bought for $500 to run on electricity, during their summer vacation.

According to Coiro, the Purdue EV Club will commercialize its latest electric cars prototypes and technologies. Meanwhile, Coiro has started designing a new green motorcycle equipped with a 100-horsepower motor that will reach a speed of 100 mph and a range of nearly 100 miles per charge. Besides this, the bike will have no drive trains, having the motors located in each wheel.

Source: Green Optimistic

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