Thrive Concept Motorbike Adds Green to Good Looks

The concept is actually a hybrid, running off electric motors for small distances, and relying on gasoline when the batteries run out. It could run entirely off electricity for shorter commutes, like intra-city travel, making it go low on emissions.

The Thrive Motorbike concept from designer Michael Luzar adds a touch of green to performance motorcycles. There was once a time when clean, green motorcycles were impractical and ugly. Thankfully, the notion has long been sent to the gallows by the likes of Zero and Mission Motorcycles, and the Thrive Concept delves into the same idea of making green look good.

Thrive has been designed as a single seater, and its bodywork is mostly aluminum and carbon fiber to keep the weight low. Bodywork of the motorbike is cleverly arranged to hide its internal mechanism and batteries, and give it a sleek, clean look. The concept motorbike is proposed for 2015.