Six And The City and The Boy Biker: new articles on

Regular visitors to will know about two guest articles that we feature on the site, The Boy Biker and Six In The City, courtesy of The Riders Digest. Both have been updated this morning and are well worth a read...

"Do other road users HATE bikers? Or is it just the ones on mopeds? Maybe it's the 'L' plate? Whatever, something seems to attract them and they turn, 'going for a ride' into 'going to see if I can survive'. Without wishing to get into the whole, should we speed or not argument (which is a bit difficult on a moped) I believe that a lack of speed can be just as dangerous. I do not think that riding a moped has made me paranoid, I really do believe there are loads of people who are out to get me. Any biker reading this who can borrow a moped should try it. I give you a challenge, take a journey somewhere on the moped, a good hour's ride (you won't get too far), add up the number of near death experiences you have, divide that by 2 and see if it is less than your age. If it is, you're an old fart. Maybe it's just me, maybe I ride like a... well you get the picture, or maybe it's just the area I live in, it has to be something."
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"Got a text from a mate I've not seen in ages. 'Do you always use your column to hint for free stuff?' Reference my knackered Sidi's. Well, yes. There is no point in denying it. And guess what? It works cos I've got a nice new pair of Sidi B2 Goretex in a dainty size 3...
...For my birthday from Hornet Boy, not scrounged through the Digest. However due to the Editorial team's almighty cock-up last month, I think the least the Digest can do for me are a few little goodies gratis so here goes: Akrapovic full system, PCU, made to measure leathers, Suomy Defender Fantasyland lid, personalised number plate and a track day somewhere hot and sunny... for starters."
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