Christmas present ideas?

Christmas, the season of giving (or more likely, an overblown exercise in mass commercialisation, bah humbug) is nearly upon us, and here at UKBike we've been looking in to bike-related gift ideas.

Harley-Davidson has released a nifty range of clothing and gifts for the Christmas stocking, including the branded stocking itself.

The HD men's clothing range has a largely historical military feel, including the Camaraderie 3-in-1 and Surveillance leather jackets, both pictured below.

Harley-Davidson Camaraderie leather jacket

Harley-Davidson Surveillance leather jacket

There's also a wide range personal garments for men and women, including nightwear, T-shirts, underwear, belts, bags, purses, caps and hats. Harley is are also offering festive decorations such as baubles, wrapping paper, a leather wall clock, picture frames and mugs.

The gift range is available at your local HD dealer, while the clothing range can be seen on the HD website.

Meanwhile, the Bulletproof Clothing Co have revealed their new line of Kevlar-lined combats, which they consider to "rank amongst the best for design and protection". The new designs form part of Bulletproof's No Excuses campaign which is being launched at the NEC show later this week.

The men and women's combats come in both dark (brown, black) and urban (grey, black, white) colours, and retail at £99.99, with Vistcotec armour for the knee areas costing an extra £9.99.

Dark combat and urban combat from Bulletproof clothing