Riding around the world... on £20 a day

We have a few UK-based bike friends here at the blog, one of which is Geoff Thomas (a.k.a. Blue 88) who is continuing on his journey across the world riding a Triumph Tiger.

Geoff's latest port of call (at the time of writing) is Memphis, Tennessee, having already covered over 25,000 miles of riding since starting out in mainland Europe back in May, before heading to the Balkans, Turkey, across the Russian sub-continent, into South Korea and Thailand, before entering north west USA. It's an incredible journey all done on a shoestring budget, like McGregor and Boorman without the support team and film crew.

Geoff's travelogue always makes for great reading and is well worth a look. His target is to raise £5,000 for the St. Theresa's Hospice, Darlington, donations can be made through Geoff's blog.

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