Honda to release electric and hybrid bikes from 2011

The word from Japan is that Honda are set to launch small electric motorbikes and scooters in 2011, with hybrid bikes to be rolled out a few years later.

Initially, Honda are planning on producing a new line of electric scooters and a small motorbike to replace the Cub series, which will have an as-yet-undetirmined engine size, thought to be between 50cc and 125cc.

Existing four-wheel hybrid technology will then be used to produce a range of bikes with engine sizes between 200cc and 1000cc. According to Honda, these bikes will be up to 50% more fuel-efficient.

Yamaha are also set to launch their own electric and hybrid ranges from 2010 onwards.

Last weekend, Jim Corning from Prometheus Solar showed off his converted Ninja 250R in Santa Monica, which apparently reaches speeds of 70mph and covers 50 miles between charges. The picture below demonstrates Corning's modifications, which improves the bikes' aerodynamics, and gives it a touch of the Sinclair C5 to boot.

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