Bikers left out of pocket as UK government delays new test

It seems the new motorbike test has been delayed for six months by the DSA, who say the postponement will allow them to make the test available to more locations. Bikers who paid £80 to take the new test will now be set the old, £60 test - but will not be refunded the £20 difference.

Here's the story from BBC Newsbeat:

Bikers' groups have told Newsbeat they're being ripped off over the new motorcycle test. The tougher exam was meant to start on Monday but has now been put back six months. Despite this, the cost has already gone up from £60 to £80.

Thousands have booked in and paid for the new test.

Now they'll be sitting the old one but won't be refunded the extra £20 they stumped up.

Dave Sharp is from the Motorcycle Action Group. He said: "I think it's appalling that riders who are perhaps short of money are not going to be refunded.

"It would make a big difference to those individuals and I think it's totally unethical."

The Driving Standards Agency denies that bikers are being ripped off.

It insists the cost of taking the test was going up anyway and isn't linked to the introduction of the new exam.

But Dave Sharp still thinks it's unfair.

He said: "Twenty quid on a motorbike's a full tank of petrol.

"Depending on the bike, it might get you up to 120 miles, so it is a significant amount of money. It's a nice little earner for the government."

Malcolm Palmer also discusses this at his blog today, and here is the MAG response.