Kawasaki ZX 800cc Apr '02 review

Spotted this review by JoJo on UKB...

Having owned a Bandit 250 for 2 years (and a CZ before that), I felt it was time for an upgrade. I'd ridden other larger bikes but there was something about the Ninja that appealed. Now I own it and I have to say it really is perfect for me. Almost. The handling is solid as a rock. The bike is so easy to control - if you want to ride slowly, it's easy. If you want to go fast... it's even easier.

Bottom end and mid range power is surprisingly strong, but the bike is an absolute blast 7k upwards. The power, coupled with the induction roar makes me smile everytime. Weight is barely more than my old 250, and the handling seems even quicker in the turn in. And it looks the nuts too.

Strengths: Performance, looks, parts availability, fuel economy.
Weaknesses: Some corrosion in annoying places, yellow Ninja decals on blue paintscheme.