A few pointers when buying a bike

Buying A Bike

Let's face it; buying a vehicle for most people is a big decision. You need to get it right and ride away satisfied.

Here are a few pointers!

Whether you have seen the bike you want in print or online, the procedure is the same.

Firstly choose the bike you want. Will it do what you want it to? I.e. is it fit for the purpose? If you want something to commute on it's pretty pointless buying a super motard. Consider for instance if you want a shaft drive bike for low maintenance. Sports bikes are great fun and more useable than they look sometimes, but if you want to go touring, a comfy seat upright riding position and some luggage may be more suitable. If you just wanna hoon about town, and are not bothered by distance work, do you need a litre class bike? A smaller capacity bike is just as much fun.

If it appeals to you then the chances are it will appeal to some one else so you need to have everything in place to get that bike. Possibly choose an alternative, in case it has already sold.

You can easily check whether the price being asked is fair on various sites, by browsing similar bikes for sale but ultimately something is only worth what you are prepared to pay for it. Be sure.

Have you checked out the Insurance cost and servicing costs?

Chances are you have already done your research on the bike you are intending to purchase, but it does no harm to ask your mates opinions, check our reviews out for other owners opinions, they are honest opinions from other users Link.

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