# 4 - Lesson 1 on a 125cc

CBT in hand I arrive back at ART training after battling with the 20 mile queue in my car on the A23, one of the reasons why a bike is much more handy!

Anyway arrive late, apologising to Graham. it turns out that the other guy I’m spending the day with on a bike is also late due to the delays, caused by a motorbike and a car, wont go into details.

Not to worry, I get a heads up by getting back on the bike in the training area before he arrives. A few circles round, U-turns etc, and he arrives.

I have a quick break while he warms up, and then were off.

This time as we approach the road I feel much more confident, albeit raining harder than I think I have seen in a good few months.

As we take on the country roads, there is a lot of surface water, which is making me on edge, trying to do all my pre planning seems to go out the window as I approach large areas of water that look like lakes when approaching them on a bike.

After bending and weaving down the country lanes I’m feeling good.

Although after an hour or so at a complicated junction I nervously end up dropping through the gears too quickly, hitting the back brake, the back wheel slips on the road. So now my heart is in my mouth, but I’m still rubber side down.

How exhilarating I thought! I have to say I wouldn't have thought it if I was on my backside and the bike was 30 feet in front of me!

Anyway onwards and upwards.
Another hour into it we decide to stop and have a bite to eat. At this point I have to add I’m getting a little damp in places due to the amount of water falling from the sky. As were having a laugh, and chat about the last few hours and waiting for my greasy lunch I look outside at the torrential downpour!
I can’t believe I have to go back out.

After a large mug of tea, and lunch I feel ready again to go out. I’m amazed at how much brain power riding uses. I’m sure it will get easier!

In the afternoon we go through mini roundabouts, and counter steering (where by you steer the bike by leaning in the direction you wish to go rather than turning the front end of the bike, which we were apparently doing before Graham told us how. Now we have to consciously think about it I’m having trouble, I’m sure I will get it back?

Another hour or two I feel myself making stupid mistakes, I’m turning into tired and grumpy Binny!

We go over left and right turns from and onto major/minor roads. By this time my feet and hands are soaked, I’m also freezing.

Mental note after today’s class go and get some weather proof clothing, gloves at the least.

As we finish off and head back to the school, I know a good day’s work has been done, and with Graham’s great tuition I have learnt a lot more.

He is pleased with my riding, and says I'm a confident rider. Due to my stature another day is possibly required on a 125cc before I move up to the 500, mainly because of the size and weight of the bike.

With the weather starting to get better already I can’t wait till my next class.
Look out for my next blog coming soon when I get leathered up!

Until next time.