Friday poetry corner

Tis the end of another week. We recently received a poem from Jeff Mason which we'd like to share with you.

My Bike

Roll it out from the garage
Up upon the stand
Check the lights are working
And the keys they are to hand

Is there petrol in the tank
Do the indicators work
Will the engine kick to life again
Or will the neighbours smirk
The engine starts no problem
A ticking can be heard
I hope its not my timing chain
Rev the engine, don't say a word

Everything working normally
Put the helmet on my head
The boots are strapped and jacket donned
The gloves are black and red

A rev or two turn the choke lever off
Kick it into gear
Throttle up and away we go
Go fast and never fear
Pull it up to sixty
Kick it throught the gears
Ref it with the right hand
Throttle back to avoid the tears

Ninety fast approaching
There's a left hand bend ahead
Change down to take the corner
Go round it in my head

We're through the bend, we're laughing
A nice straight road I see
Twist the throttle back and grinning
Go faster tuck in the knee

Watch out keep straight and weary
Never mind the ruts
Go round the shiny puddles
Keep an eye out for any stray mutts

There's nothing in the mirror
The sky is clear and blue
The birds are out and singing
My bike is all in tune

I think I'll do an hour or two
The usual round will do
Out past Brands Hatch Circuit
Stopping for the loo

Approaching Gorse Hill summit
Its name was once Death Hill
Killed many riders years ago
Cafe racers made of steel

Turn left onto the A225
Throttle back avoid the spilage
Past the castle on the right
Go slow through Eynsford village

Approaching Otford, not so fast
Turn left on Pilgrims Lane
Soon be home now enjoyed the run
And the poem just the same

Pull it back, turn right and brake just here
Into Childsbridge Lane
Soon be back, the garage awaits
Or shall we go round again?